Spiders that saved a Prophet

Once upon a time

a year ago

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Once upon a time, not long ago—about fourteen hundred revolutions around our sun—there was a Prophet who was escaping murder from the hands of an evil army.

They were in a desert, and the Prophet’s companions where ridding along with him, hoping they'd reach safety soon.  Knowing they had no escape in the open desert, and being outnumbered— the army was quickly closing in on them—it was only a matter of time for the enemy to reach them.

They rode for long hours, and had no refuge—the only thing they saw near them was a cave with spiders.  Being tired and famished, they remained for a moment.

The Prophet decided to pray for an answer, and was informed to enter the cave with his companions.  As they went in, the companions understood the pursuing army would investigate, and that it would only spell disaster—they still followed the Prophet to what seemed like a dead-end.  Out of love and dedication to their master, they neither questioned nor complained.

Upon entrance, the Prophet told his companions: “Do not harm the spiders”.

No sooner than they were all inside, the spiders began weaving their magic.  Their Creator inspired them to weave a lifetime of webbing in that moment of need.  When the army arrived by the cave, they were certain that no one could have entered... not without breaking the spiders’ intricate and precocious web—as it was covering the entrance in manner that made it appear like it had been desolate for thousands of years.

The army moved away from the cave of spiders, and kept chasing an illusion, whilst the Prophet and his companions were safe in hiding.  This is how a simple creature saved the life of the beloved Prophet.

If you understand the importance of this person, you will understand how spiders saved our world from the dark ages.

"Don't harm the spiders."

Arsalan Lavang

Published a year ago